Southern California Pilipino American Student Alliance

This year’s theme of “(Re)Writing Our Future” delves into the very essence of what it means currently to be members of the Pilipina/Pilipino-American society. With growing respect of our shared history as it is unravelled, “(Re)Writing Our Future” moves us to face the results of our current actions, and challenges us to take action ourselves and together.

Together, we are called to utilize our collective experience and leadership to create dialogue to empower one another. Together, we have the power to dictate a new--a positive--future for the betterment of ourselves and all those that will come after us. Where understanding our h*story cultivates confidence in our identity: We are (re)writing our stories with the goal of making our futures our own.
-Andrea Aranzamendez

There is a LIMITED availability for FUNcilitators

Take this opportunity and become a leader!

FUN-cilitator Retreat is on January 31st @USC

Please direct your questions and/or concerns 

to our ViceChair, Robert Macaisa:

Interested in hosting a workshop?

The workshops should reflect this mindset, making Summit more of a cohesive experience. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to 

the current chairperson of SCPASA, Andrea Aranzamendez:

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