Southern California Pilipino American Student Alliance


“The purpose includes others, empowers them to use their leadership and talents to make a difference, and is ethical in that it benefits others and improves the quality of life in a community.

SCPASA, now the Southern California Pilipin@ American Student Alliance, is alive and well after a 10 year hiatus. Along with the name change, so have our visions.

As our Alliance grows and our ties strengthen, we strive to eventually be able to effectively and efficiently push for change like the Filipino Intercollegiate Networking Dialogue (east coast), Midwest Association of Filipino Americans, Northwest Filipino American Student Alliance and other collegiate coalitions across the country. Please take into great consideration to being part of this historic redevelopment in which we shall build the foundation and set a tradition for generations to come.”

Leezel Ramos, 2007

Our Logo

The SCPASA logo, created in 2012, is a symbol of what the alliance stands for. The five rays of the traditional Pilipino sun represent the five pillars for which SCPASA stands: Cultural, Academic, Social, Advocacy, and Community. The center of the sun remains transparent as a reminder that SCPASA is ever-growing and will never be completed. Representing the ever growing community which encompasses seven major counties of Southern California: Los Angeles, Ventura, Orange, San Bernardino, San Diego, Riverside, and Santa Barbara.  The three triangles surrounding the core represent the development of leadership skills, opportunities, and training. The three outer triangles form one open triangle, symbolizing the greek letter "Delta" meaning change.

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